Yard Work and Mowing the Grass

Yard work and gardening is a pastime enjoyed by many Americans. Some find working in the yard to be a relaxing activity. Some can’t stand the thought of going out and working in their yard. The degrees to which some people slave and toil away for the perfect lawn differ from those who would prefer to other things. As with many hobbies and professions, I have recently found that it’s all about the manly equipment you have! For the past twenty years, I have enjoyed working in my many different yards-we’ve moved quite a bit. The last five years, we had a house with a pretty big yard by neighborhood standards. People would ask if we had a riding lawn mower and I would laugh off their question with a “are you kidding” attitude. I was quite capable of mowing the front and backyard and the community “circle”. I would make derogatory remarks about the guys who mowed their much smaller than my yard on riding lawn mowers! I use to love to mow on my Dad’s riding mower but he had two acres to mow. I never thought that living in town warranted a riding mower-until we moved.

A frantic search on the Internet and classified ads, asking everyone we knew if they knew of a good riding mower for sale-cheap-began the week that we moved and the grass began to grow. Finally, my spouse was told about a flyer in a repair shop that advertised a two year old mower for sale-22 horsepower engine with a 50″ mowing deck. It happened to be about a thousand dollars more than our budget but after a little negotiation, it was ours. This is no ordinary riding lawn mower. It is a lawn tractor, for starters, which probably means something that I have yet to learn. It was well-taken care of-not a blade of grass anywhere and so clean that a meal could be prepared on it. The downside of this purchase is that it was owned by an older gentleman who apparently liked to decorate and embellish his belongings. The hood of the tractor has a high-performance vent-thing on the top of it and side exhaust pipes glued to the sides! Various stickers also adorn the machine. My Dad said this weekend that he was going to get me an antenna with a “coon” tail tied to it to finish it properly!

This hot-rod tractor is worth its keep though (stickers and exhaust pipes included)! In about forty-five minutes, the entire yard was trimmed to perfection! My push mower would have taken about three hours (if I were lucky) to mow the new yard.

I’m not sure why this machine has six gears-mowing in second gear is risky enough as it zips along. It’s hard to keep up with the upcoming turns and the breaks are put to good use as well as first gear! I finished mowing and on the way to put up the tractor I decided to try out third gear-let me say that the storage barn approaches very quickly in third gear and the tires do bark!

We have had a lot of rain since the first time that I mowed so I haven’t got to experiment anymore. Once the ground dries a bit, you can bet that I will be out testing the limits of this manly yard equipment! A girl can do more in the yard than plant flowers-if she has the right equipment!

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