No Time to Garden? Hire a Backyard Farmer to Do the Organic Gardening for You

Gardening is a time consuming labor of love, and for some people who put in long hours at their place of employment, this means they simply don’t have the time to grow their own garden. This desire for fresh, organic, homegrown vegetables but lack of time has produced a new breed of gardener, your own personal Backyard Farmer. Professional, experienced gardener’s who will come to you, your backyard, and grow a garden from start to finish for you.
These knowledgeable gardener’s, called Backyard Farmers, will come to your home and discuss with you the types and amounts of garden vegetables that you and your family like to eat and create a custom, organic garden for you based upon that information. Continue reading “No Time to Garden? Hire a Backyard Farmer to Do the Organic Gardening for You”

Insect Control and Its Benefit to a Farmer

A farmer has to face many problems in his day to day work. Over and above the disturbances created by lost dogs, snooping cats and the children around, it is the attack of fungus and insects to the plants that keep the farmer worried. The skill of the farmer faces tremendous challenge to fight the pests and this is the most important part of a farmer’s occupation. Continue reading “Insect Control and Its Benefit to a Farmer”

Where Can I Buy Baby Chickens?

Raising a small flock of chickens for eggs has become a popular pastime for the urban farmer. Raising chickens is fun, easy to do, low in cost, and provides a family with wholesome, organic eggs that taste better than anything purchased in the supermarket.
Buying chicks takes a little more effort than running down to the local pet store. Egg laying chickens tend to be available from farm amp; feed stores or hatcheries in the spring, and are always best ordered ahead. Here’s a few things you should consider before ordering chicks: Continue reading “Where Can I Buy Baby Chickens?”