Garrettsville Ohio Tractor Parade Attempts to Break World Record

In a corner of the world, tucked hidden away, lies the beautiful, rural town of Garrettsville. Located in Ohio’s northeast corner, Garrettsville is a combination of villagers, farm folks, and Amish. With its old-time buildings along with river (known as Silver Creek) and restaurant overlooking the waterfall, you will be almost certain that you have gone back in time. Continue reading “Garrettsville Ohio Tractor Parade Attempts to Break World Record”

Yard Work and Mowing the Grass

Yard work and gardening is a pastime enjoyed by many Americans. Some find working in the yard to be a relaxing activity. Some can’t stand the thought of going out and working in their yard. The degrees to which some people slave and toil away for the perfect lawn differ from those who would prefer to other things. As with many hobbies and professions, I have recently found that it’s all about the manly equipment you have! Continue reading “Yard Work and Mowing the Grass”