Old Threshers Reunion in Mount Pleasant Iowa – Going Strong for Over 50 Years

The Old Threshers
It happens every year, the Wednesday before Labor Day, Old Threshers Reunion begins. It runs through Labor Day. As you enter the town of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, you can see in the distance the plumes of blue/black smoke.

Old Threshers Reunion has been going on for many years. It always falls on the week before Labor Day. It covers several acres in the town of Mt. Pleasant. Part of it is set up for campers. Looking out, it’s a sea of such campers. They have shower and bathroom facilities there also.

Everywhere is the sound of big steam engines. They bellow and the steam rolls. Oh what a sight the Old Threshers Reunion is.

Big iron machines, some with iron wheels or tracks. The Old Threshers Reunion is a reunion of threshers from the past. Most gone now, the memories live on through Old Threshers Reunion. One has to keep in mind; this is how food got to your table in days gone by.

There are rows after rows of steam engines, tractors, vendors and their tables full of wares. Looking for a part for an old tractor? Looking for a manual to an old tractor? How about a seat or a hat? Old Threshers Reunion is just the place to find them.

There is a section marked out especially for the workhorses. They did the threshing before the steam engines came. They are such magnificent creatures. The Old Threshers Reunion has several teams of horses. Three times a day they hook up to implements and show how horsepower got it done.

At Old Threshers Reunion a large bleacher section holds the crowds in the evening for the bands that entertain each night.

In the daytime, they hold the crowds that watch the noon Old Threshers Reunion parade. When the noon whistle blows, everyone that has a steam engine, tractor or workhorse is encouraged to be in the parade.

Old cars and trucks fill a huge two-story building. There are also special cars displayed under tents. From old milk trucks to convertibles, they shine from end to end.

There are trolleys, trains and tractor pulled carts. For a small fee, you can ride from one end of the event to the other. They are great for taking a break and still being able to see the sites.

Food! Churches and non-profit groups supply most of the food for the Old Threshers Reunion. For a very reasonable sum, you can have your choice of pork chops to funnel cake. This has been a great fundraiser for groups, both in Mt. Pleasant and surrounding small towns.

And lest you think Old Threshers Reunion is only for the men, ladies can enjoy building after building full of antique dealers and vendors. There’s everything from honey, to quilts, to handmade soaps and lotions.

The Old Threshers Reunion is a great slice of history. From this years turn out, it looks like the younger generations are picking up steam AND the reins to continue this great tradition!

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