No Time to Garden? Hire a Backyard Farmer to Do the Organic Gardening for You

Gardening is a time consuming labor of love, and for some people who put in long hours at their place of employment, this means they simply don’t have the time to grow their own garden. This desire for fresh, organic, homegrown vegetables but lack of time has produced a new breed of gardener, your own personal Backyard Farmer. Professional, experienced gardener’s who will come to you, your backyard, and grow a garden from start to finish for you.
These knowledgeable gardener’s, called Backyard Farmers, will come to your home and discuss with you the types and amounts of garden vegetables that you and your family like to eat and create a custom, organic garden for you based upon that information.

The Backyard Farmer will use their gardening expertise to plan the garden with the vegetables of your choice, build the raised beds for the garden, amend the soil, select and plant the seeds and vegetable plants and get your backyard garden off to a great start. Typical raised bed gardens built by the Backyard Farmers will span a 15′ x 15′ or 20′ x 20′ plot of land.

Once the garden has been planted by the Backyard Farmer, they return once a week throughout the growing and harvesting season to tend to your garden. All the weeding, feeding, watering and garden pest control is done by the Backyard Farmer, you never have to get your hands dirty. All gardening chores, from soil amending to pest control done by the Backyard Farmer is organic.

The services provided by the Backyard Farmer is similar to a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture program, with the exception that the garden where the vegetables come from is in your back yard.

Those that hire a Backyard Farmer never even have to set foot in their gardens if they don’t want too. The Backyard Farmer harvests the vegetables as they become ripe, cleans the garden produce and leaves it in a basket by the back door.

Gardener’s who want to take an active role in their garden, but need a little help can also receive that from your Backyard Farmer. Backyard Farmers offers home gardeners a consulting program in which the professional Backyard Farmer will come to your home once per month during the garden growing season and teach you a different aspect of organic gardening, sharing their knowledge so you will become more successful in your home gardening. Backyard Farmers typically have a background education in horticulture and have a passion for organic gardening, making them the perfect resource to do the gardening for you or provide you with a wealth of information so you can do it yourself.

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