Advantages of Disc Hay Mowers

Sickle mowers have long been used by farmers to harvest their crops. Recently, disc hay mowers have started becoming more popular. These mowers have numerous advantages over those that use sickle blades. Some of these advantages include production, maintenance, and tough mowing conditions. This article will discuss the advantages of disc hay mowers.

Mowing conditions

The first advantage of disc hay mowers is that they perform really well in tough mowing conditions. Sickle mowers have a hard time dealing with hay that is too wet or thick. Disc hay mowers are much better for cutting down hay that has become tangled or is excessively wet. They are also better at cutting fine stem grasses than sickle mowers.


Another advantage of disc hay mowers is maintenance. Sickle blades are known for breaking often. The discs used in hay mowers will rarely break on you. If the discs do happen to break on you, the knives are much simpler and faster to replace than the knives used in sickle mowers.


Another advantage of disc hay mowers is that they are more productive than sickle mowers. They are more productive because they are capable of achieving faster speeds. Sickle mowers can only cut hay effectively if they are going no more than five or six miles per hour. Disc hay mowers can travel as fast as 12 to 14 miles per hour and still cut effectively. This means that you have to spend less time in the field getting the work done. You would especially want to use disc mowers if you own large fields.


One of the final advantages of disc hay mowers is that they cut through obstructions easily. Many obstructions can appear in your field without you knowing about them. Common obstructions include gopher mounds and ant hills. Sickle mowers sometimes have trouble cutting through these obstacles. Disc hay mowers can mower right through ant hills and gopher mounds without any hassles.

These are some of the advantages of disc hay mowers. They perform better in tough mowing conditions than sickle mowers. Disc hay mowers can also cut effectively while traveling faster, so they are much more productive. You would likely want to use them if you have to cut large fields. Disc hay mowers are also easier to maintain because the discs rarely break and the knives are easy to replace if they ever do break.

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